This review is by Steve Thomas who is closely connected with the manufacturer. You should read his disclaimer
The Cyborg VIII, Buena Vista Limited Edition

Buena Vista Kite Company
301 8th Street
Suite 207D
San Francisco, CA  94103
415-626-3599 / 415-626-1226 (FAX)

Price: US Suggested Retail: $350 (Street: $320)
Type: Dual-line Cyborg-type, stand-offs, curved leading
Dimensions: 96" wide, 38" tall
Weight: approx. 8 ounces
Graphic: 10 panel: dual-radial wings
Frame: Avia Sport G-Force, Excel
Sailcloth: Icarex .5 oz.
Construction: Laser Cut panels, sail-taped seams
Wind Range: 2-15 MPH


The Kite.
That's right, the Cyborg.  This kite is built under license from Mike
Sterling of Aeriologics of Portland, OR.  The basic shape is the same as
the original patented Cyborg, but it has been slightly redesigned by Peter
Werba to make the kite more aerodynamic, and more capable of modern sport
kites moves (viz. stalls, axles, etc.).  Those of you who know the Cyborg
know that it's shape is unlike any other kite in the air, and is visually
very stunning. 

The construction quality of the Cyborg is much the same as the rest of the
Buena Vista line--laser cut panels, sail-taped seams, flawless quality. 
Also new with the Cyborg are hard Delrin fittings with the triangle
fitting, and other enhancements to make the kite more "tangle-free".

Overall, this new edition gives the orginal Cyborg design a new, high-tech
design, and high-tech construction and materials.

The Cyborg looks like no other kite, and it flies like no other, too. 
However, Peter has worked to fix that :-). Even still, the Cyborg still
flies, "like a Cyborg" to a large extent.  The new design has made the
kite more "radical", more responsive, and simultaneously more stable and
easier to fly cleanly with.  With the new design, the Cyborg's ability to
do moves and precision with rivals that of many modern designs. 

However, the Cyborg's reason to be is not necessarily to be a radical
leading edge flyer.  The magic of the Cyborg lies in its esthetics, which
are simply unlike any other kite in the air.  Doing moves such as stalls,
axles and side-slips are very doable--and look *really cool*, as do all
moves with the Cyborg. 

The Cyborg is, in all respects, "something different".

A Note About the Company.
Buena Vista Kite Company was founded in 1991 and is owned entirely by
Peter Werba (Peter is now a renown indoor flyer and innovator).  Buena
Vista sells kites in at least 50 kites stores all over the world, and is
one of the top selling kites (if not *the* top selling kite) in Japan. 

Buena Vista sells a complete line of high-performance sport kites ranging
from beginner kites (Streaker), to competition kites (XTC line), to
competition team kites (XTC X-10 line), to the two indoor products (XTC
Feather and X4I), and the newly released Cyborg VIII.  A total of 11
products in all. 

Buena Vista continues to be an innovator in high-performance flying, as
well as high quality sport kites.