Goodwinds Astrofighter

The ASTROFIGHTER is modeled after the Indian Star or Afghan fighter kite. It is a 12 pointed circular shape with a hardwood spine and fiberglass bow. Some smaller fiberglass standoffs hold out the otherwise unsupported points. The skin is sewn ripstop in various designs and colors with dacron reinforcements.

I flew this kite in 10 to 15 mph winds with much success. The kite looks very nice in the sky or on the wall. Turns, spins and straight tracking on demand are another fine part of the package.

Due to the amount of materials in the kite it needs a bit more wind than some lighter weight mylar kites, but it survived several abrupt transfers of inertia to the ground without any damage at all.

I'd reccomend this kite to anyone looking to add to their fighter kite collection or as a first fighter kite for it's durability..

Dimensions: 57cm Diameter

Price: us$39.95

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Brian Johnsen