There were some questions raised a while back on the meaurements and aspect 
ratios of the new High Aspect SkyTiger power kites designed by Ray Merry of 
Cobra Kites. I've finally had the chance to get them spread out and 
measured. I might note that the Hi60 is a real beast.. I was buggying at 
Crescent Beach, FL [Intentional Lunacy '95] with the Icarex Hi60 in a 3-4 
mph on-shore breeze. I had the Hi60 out here at home last weekend to get 
the measurements, and tried a launch in 12-14 mph winds.. On 75' lines I 
butt-skiied about 35' downfield as it climbed to the top of the window.. I 
think that qualifies as a 'Half Andrew' :-) Both the Hi40 and Hi60 are very 
nice fliers, with plenty of power, and are excellent traction engines IMHO.

For comparison purposes, I've included measurements from the standard Sky 
Tiger 40 sq. ft. Please note that the following are not 'offical' 
measurements by Cobra Kites, but were made by me by staking the kites out 
and measuring. I had no assistance, and I believe the measurements to be 
reasonably accurate.

SkyTiger 40
   Height:                          47"
   Width:                          121"
   No. of cells:                    16
   Calculated aspect ratio:        2.57:1
SkyTiger Hi40
   Height:                          41"
   Width:                          148"
   No. of cells:                    21
   Calculated aspect ratio:        3.6:1

SkyTiger Hi60
   Height:                          50"
   Width:                          176"
   No. of cells:                    24
   Calculated aspect ratio:        3.5:1

The SkyTiger 18, 26, and 40 sq. ft. kites are made of 1 oz. ripstop nylon 
and have Dacron bridles. The Hi40 and Hi60 are made of either 3/4 oz 
ripstop nylon (Bainbridge, I think) or 31 grm Icarex. All of the High 
Aspect variants have Spectra bridles for reduced weight and drag.

Ob. Disclaimer:

I am a stunt kite dealer and carry some of the above mentioned
product(s). As such, my opinions may tend to be somewhat subjective.

Tako Buggy Naked Kichi!!

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