Clear Tubing

For connecting and interconnecting kite spars, clear soft flexible plastic tubing. One piece can be put inside another for greater wall thickness and strength.
VTC11/8"(.125)1/16"(.062)1/16"$0.25 ft or $0.65 yd
VTC23/16"(.187)1/8"(.125)1/16"$0.25 ft or $0.65 yd
VTC35/16"(.313)3/16"(.187)1/16"$0.30 ft or $0.80 yd
VTC43/8"(.375)1/4"(.250)1/16"$0.35 ft or $0.95 yd
VTC57/16"(.437)5/16"(.313)1/16"$0.35 ft or $1.00 yd
VTC61/2"(.500)5/16"(.313)3/32"$0.40 ft or $1.15 yd
VTC71/2"(.500)3/8"(.375)1/16"$0.45 ft or $1.30 yd
VTC83/4"(.750)1/2"(.500)1/8"$0.95 ft or $1.30 yd

Black Vinyl Tubing

Soft, flexible tubing for kite spars. Same as clear except black.
VTB13/8"(.375)3/16"(.187)3/23"$0.55 ft or $1.65 yd
VTB215/32"(.469)7/32"(.219)1/8"$0.65 ft or $1.95 yd
VTB311/32"(.344)15/64"(.234)3/32"$0.65 ft or $1.95 yd
VTB47/16"(.437)1/4"(.250)3/32"$0.65 ft or $1.95 yd
VTB715/32"(.467)9/32"(.281)3/32"$0.75 ft or $2.25 yd
VTB51/2"(.500)5/16"(.313)3/32"$0.75 ft or $2.25 yd (limited)

Semi Rigid Tubing

Stiff, semi-rigid tubing used in special applications for connecting kite spars.
VTSSW3/8"O.D. x 1/4"I.D., white$0.45 ft or $1.25 yd
VTSSB3/8"O.D. x 1/4"I.D., black$0.45 ft or $1.25 yd

Reinforced Vinyl Tubing

This is a clear, heavy wall vinyl tubing with a heavy amount of braided polyester reinforcing strands. Stocked are the following sizes:
VTX15/16"(.313)1/8"(.125)3/16"$0.65 ft or $1.85 yd
VTX213/32"(.406)3/16"(.187)1/8"$0.75 ft or $2.15 yd
VTX31/2"(.500)1/4"(.250)1/8"$0.85 ft or $2.45 yd
VTX45/8"(.625)3/8"(.275)1/8"$0.85 ft or $2.75 yd