Fibreglass tubes

Stock #CodeO.D.I.D.LengthPrice
FGT248FL248.248.18732.5"$1.75 ea.
FGT261A20.261.21932.5"$1.75 ea.
FGT278C30.278.23432.5"$1.75 ea.
FGT291FL291.291.15532.5"$4.50 ea.
FGT298E40.298.25032.5"$1.75 ea.
FGT317FL317.298.26632.5"$2.35 ea.
FGT337J65.337.28132.5"$1.75 ea.
FGT350K75.350.29632.5"$1.75 ea.
FGT370FL370.370.29654.5"$3.20 ea.
FGT414FL414.414.33754.5"$3.35 ea.
FGT505FL505.505.41754.5"$4.25 ea.
FGT610FL610.610.50272.0"$6.50 ea.
The FL610 requires and extra shipping charge because of being 'overlength'

External Couplings

Made of metal as indicated. For external coupling spars.
Stock #made offor:price
EF14steel1/4" fg rod, FL248, CT2540$0.75
EF932alum.9/32" fg rod, C30, E40$0.90
EFJ65alum.J65 tube$2.50

Internal Couplings

Made of fibreglass for fibreglass and carbon tubes. Fits over the inside or outside of a tube.
stock#O.D.I.D.lengthfits in/overprice

Tubes - Carbon

Pultruded tubes, AVIA

Pultruded carbon tubes will not warp, change shape, come apart or deteriorate over a period of time. Many of today's kites are made of this advanced thick walled carbon material.
CT1580'1580'.158.09828.5"8.1 grams2.50 ea.
CT1800'1800'.180.11029.5"11.7 grams2.50 ea.
CT1800L'1800'.180.11048.0"19.0 grams3.45 ea.
CT1880'1880'.188.11629.5"12.6 grams2.50 ea.
CT1960'1960'.196.12030.5"14.5 grams2.50 ea.
CT2100'2100'.210.13231.5"16.4 grams2.50 ea.
CT2100L'2100'.210.13248.0"25.0 grams3.65 ea.
CT2200'2200'.220.13832.5"18.7 grams2.50 ea.
CT2300'2300'.230.14432.5"20.6 grams2.50 ea.
CT2400'2400'.240.15032.5"22.6 grams2.75 ea.
CT2400L'2400'.240.15048.0"33.4 grams3.85 ea.
CT2540'2540'.254.15733.0"24.8 grams2.75 ea.
CT2650'2650'.265.17432.5"30.9 grams3.25 ea.

Coming soon: 8mm(.315), 10mm(.398), 12mm(.472), 14mm(.552)

External Couplings

Hardened aluminium coupling for above carbon tubes.
Stock #size & typeprice
EF1580'1580' aluminium, natural$0.65
EF1880B'1800' aluminium, black anodized$0.65
EF1880B'1880' aluminium, black anodized$0.65
EF1960'1960' aluminium, black anodized$0.65
EF2100'2100' aluminium, gold anodized (limited)$0.65
EF2100B'2100' aluminium, black anodized$0.65
EF2200B'2200' aluminium, black anodized$0.65
EF2300'2300' aluminium, gold anodized (limited)$0.65
EF2400'2400' aluminium, gold anodized$0.65
EF2400B'2400' aluminium, black anodized$0.65
EF14'2540' steel, natural$0.65
IF317'2650' use piece of G50M f.g.$0.65

Carbon Tube Nock

Stock #size, color, typeprice
EF1880B'1800' black plastic$0.25
EF1880Y'1800' yellow plastic (limited)$0.25
EF1880B'1880' black plastic$0.25
EF1880B'1880' yellow plastic (limited)$0.25
EF1960B'1960' black plastic$0.25or useYSP60$0.25
EF2100B'2100' black plastic$0.25or useYSP61$0.25
EF2100Y'2100' yellow plastic (limited)$0.25
EF2200B'2200' black plastic$0.25or useYSP62$0.25
EF2300B'2300' black plastic$0.25or useYSP63$0.25
EF2400B'2400' black plastic$0.25or useYSP64$0.25
EF2540B'2540' black plastic$0.25or useYSP65$0.25
CTN2650R'2650' clear rose plastic$0.25

Carbon Competition Air Frames

Stock #typelengthgramsexternalinternalsm. wnd nockprice
SS3P-323P32.5"11.80SS305IF2400*see below$6.50
SS3P-363P36.0"13.30SS305IF2400*see below$7.20
SS3P-403P40.0"14.40SS305IF2400*see below$8.00
SS5P-125P12.0"5.00SS313IF2400*see below$3.25
SS5P-1255P12.5"5.25SS313IF2400*see below$3.25
SS5P-245P24.5"5.10SS313IF2400*see below$4.65
SS5P-255P25.0"10.50SS313IF2400*see below$5.25
SS5P-325P32.5"13.66SS313IF2400*see below$6.85
SS5P-365P36.0"15.00SS313IF2400*see below$8.20
SS5P-405P40.0"16.67SS313IF2400*see below$8.40
SS7P-227P22.0"13.40SS330IF2400*see below$4.90
SS7P-327P32.5"22.00SS330IF2400*see below$7.50
SS7P-367P36.0"21.80SS330IF2400*see below$8.30
SS7P-377P37.75"23.00SS330IF2400*see below$9.10
SS7P-407P40.0"24.22SS330IF2400*see below$9.20
(*) Taped end is ANI#16 w/AN5/16, untaped end is ANI#15 w/AN5/16.

Nocks for Skyshark Spars

CTN2540B1 piece, black nock$0.25
CTN2100B1 piece, black nock$0.25
CTN1960B1 piece, black nock$0.25

Couplings for Skyshark Spars

SS260alum, black coupling$0.65
SS305alum, purple coupling$0.65
SS313alum, black coupling$0.65
SS330alum, gold coupling$0.65
EF1880Balum, black coupling$0.65
EF1960Bcarbon coupling$0.25
EF2100Balum, black coupling$0.65
IF2400carbon coupling$0.25
IF1960carbon coupling$0.25
IF2400carbon coupling$0.25

G-Force Variable Deflection Carbon Tubes

The G-Force wrapped tapered carbin spar gives you improved inflight characteristics and performance. Avia is a leader in carbon fibre technology and leads the field in spar configuration for high performance kites. These spars are strenghthened at vital pressure points with no loss in overall integrity, thus the Variable Deflection Spar.
WIND-BZ31Breeze I32.5"4.3IF2200YSP90indoor, 0 to 3$15.25
WIND-BZ32Breeze II32.5"6.0IF2400YSP90indoor, 0 to 5$16.75
WIND-SK32Skinny32.5"7.5IF2400YSP90indoor, 0 to 7$8.00
WIND-SSK32Super Skinny32.5"11.0IF2400YSP901/2 to 20$9.00
WIND-SK40Skinny40.0"9.5IF2400YSP90indoor spine$8.95
WIND-SSK40Super Skinny40.0"13.1IF2400YSP90spine, 1/2 to 12$9.95
WIND-UL32G-Force U.L.32.5"12.6EF2100BCTN2540outdoor, 1 to 15$7.65
WIND-SUL32Super G-Force U.L.32.5"14.5EF2100BCTN25401 to 20$8.65
WIND-UL40G-Force U.L.40.0"15.0EF2100BCTN2540spine$8.60
WIND-SUL40Super G-Force U.L.40.0"18.2EF2100BCTN2540UL/STD spine$9.85
WIND-S32G-Force STD32.5"17.4EF2100BCTN25403 to 25$7.75
WIND-SS32Super G-Force STD32.5"19.0EF2100BCTN25404 to (?)$8.85
WIND-S40G-Force STD40.0"23.8EF2100BCTN2540spine$9.75
WIND-SS40Super G-Force STD40.0"23.2EF2100BCTN2540spine$10.50

Internal Couplings for G-Force spars

Couplingfits sizemade ofprice
EF2100Bsee listing abovealuminium$0.85
IF2200see listing abovecarbon$0.25
IF2400see listing abovealuminium$0.25

Arrow Nocks for G-Force spars

CTN are one piece semi-soft black plastic nocks YSP are hard plastic, high impact nocks with blunt ends. YSP is E-Nock or shock chord nock for Skinnies.

Pro*Spar Comp Spars

Ultra light strong carbon fiber spar with smooth sanded finish. Used in top competition stunt kites. It is an advanced composite hybrid of carbon and S-2 glass fiber reinforcement. Use standard couplings as listed below.
PC15CP*1514.9 gr.27832.5"$5.55
PC16CP*1620.6 gr.30932.5"$5.85
PC16MCP*16M25.0 gr.30939.4"$7.00
PC19CP*1923.3 gr.32532.5"$6.00
PC19LCP*19L37.0 gr.32552.0"$9.25

Internal couplings for the above Pro*Comp Spars

stock #fitstypeprice
IF2300CP*15 (internal)'2300' carbon$0.25
IF248CP*16 (internal)FL248 fibreglass$0.40
IF291CP*19 (internal)FL291 fibreglass$0.50
EF2100BCP*19 (internal)aluminum, black$0.65
IF337CP*15 (external)J65 fibreglass$0.40
SS313CP*16 (external)aluminum, black$0.65

Arrow nocks and inserts for Pro*Comp Spars

Nocks and insert sets for above Pro*Comp Spars. Use appropriate insert with arrow nock.
ANI15arrow nock insertCP*15 use with arrow nock$0.25ea ($2.75/12)
ANI16arrow nock insertCP*16 use with arrow nock$0.25ea ($2.75/12)
ANI17arrow nock insertCP*17 use with arrow nock$0.25ea ($2.75/12)
AN516Barrow nock 5/16CP*15 use with a.n. insert$0.09 ($1.00/12)
AN516Barrow nock 5/16CP*16 use with a.n. insert$0.09 ($1.00/12)

Converter sleeve

Optional aluminum converter sleeve can be used in ends of tubes to prevent splitting from repeated use.
CS15use in CP*15$0.25ea ($2.75/12)
CS16use in CP*16$0.25ea ($2.75/12)
CS19use in CP*19$0.25ea ($2.75/12)