Fibrglass Rods

Solid fiberglass, high glass content. Black or white. All 48" long
FGR116B1/16"black$0.95 ea.
FGR332B3/32"black$0.95 ea.
FGR332W3/32"white$0.95 ea.
FGR18B1/8"black$1.00 ea.
FGR18W1/8"white$1.00 ea.
FGR316B3/16"black$1.10 ea.
FGR316W3/16"white$1.10 ea.
FGR14B1/4"black$1.20 ea.
FGR14W1/4"white$1.20 ea.
FGR932W9/32"white$1.85 ea.

Fibrglass Micro Rods

Solid fiberglass, high glass content. Black or white. All 40" long
FGRA05Bunder 1/16"(0.5")black$0.45 ea.
FGRA05Wunder 1/16"(0.5")white$0.45 ea.
FGRA07Bover 1/16"(0.7")black$0.45 ea.
FGRA07Wover 1/16"(0.7")white$0.45 ea.
FGRA08B5/64"(0.8")black$0.50 ea.
FGRA08W5/64"(0.8")white$0.50 ea.
FGRA098B3/32"(0.98")black$0.65 ea.
FGRA098W3/32"(0.98")white$0.65 ea.
FGRA125B1/8"(0.98")black$0.75 ea.
FGRA125W1/8"(0.98")white$0.75 ea.

Carbon Micro Rods

Highest quality solid black carbon. Stronger and more spring than fibreglass rods. All lengths are 40"
CR031/32"(0.3")40"$1.00 ea.
CR05under 1/16"(0.5")40"$1.10 ea.
CR07over 1/16"(0.5")40"$1.45 ea.
CR085/64"(0.8")40"$1.95 ea.
CR0983/32"(0.98")40"$2.30 ea.
CR1251/8"(0.125")40"$2.85 ea.

External Micro Couplings

Made of thin walled metal.
EF05.058brassunder 1/16" rods$0.25
EF07.075brassover 1/16" rods$0.25
EF08.085brass5/64" rods$0.25
EF098.110brass3/32" rods$0.25
EF125.132brass1/8" rods$0.30