Dacron Line

Braided Dacron line is hollow core, unwaxed, smooth and trouble free. Highest quality line on the market, has half the stretch of nylon line and is superior to twisted line. All these bulk spools come 500 feet or 1000 feet except the 150lb and 200lb Dacron. Natural white or black colors. See bridle and sleeving lines below for lesser quantities in 100 foot lengths. See winders to hold your line.
DL2050020lbnatural500 ft$3.00
DL20100020lbnatural1000 ft$5.00
DL201000B20lbblack1000 ft$8.50
DL3050030lbnatural500 ft$4.00
DL30100030lbnatural1000 ft$7.00
DL301000B30lbblack1000 ft$9.50
DL5050050lbnatural500 ft$5.00
DL50100050lbnatural1000 ft$9.00
DL501000B50lbblack1000 ft$11.50
DL7550075lbnatural500 ft$6.50
DL75100075lbnatural1000 ft$12.00
DL801000B80lbblack1000 ft$12.50
DL100500100lbnatural500 ft$8.50
DL1001000100lbnatural1000 ft$16.00
DL1001000B100lbblack1000 ft$16.50
DL150500150lbnatural500 ft$9.50
DL1501000150lbnatural1000 ft$18.00
DL1501000B150lbblack1000 ft$9.50
DL200500200lbnatural500 ft$13.00
DL2001000200lbnatural1000 ft$24.00
DL250500250lbnatural500 ft$16.00
DL2501000250lbnatural1000 ft$30.50
DL500500500lbnatural500 ft$20.00
DL5001000500lbnatural1000 ft$42.00

Spectra Line

Spectra line, the hi-tech stunt line that lets your stunt kite achieve peak performance. This line is braided from 100% Spectra 1000 fibers and no other fills.

Now custom order the exact length of line you want with no waste. We will custom cut any length and size you want, and as many as you want. All lines will be on plastic spools. The chart bellow shows the various sizes of Spectra line and the cost per foot. This figures out much cheaper than Spectra line from any other source.
SL3030 lbnaturalany amount$0.04 per foot
SL5050 lbnaturalany amount$0.05 per foot
SL8080 lbnaturalany amount$0.06 per foot
SL150150 lbnaturalany amount$0.07 per foot
SL200200 lbnaturalany amount$0.08 per foot
SL300300 lbnaturalany amount$0.09 per foot
SL450450 lbnaturalany amount$0.12 per foot
SL50100050 lbnatural1000 ft bulk$42.00 each
SL80100080 lbnatural1000 ft bulk$52.00 each
SL1501000150 lbnatural1000 ft bulk$58.00 each
SL2001000200 lbnatural1000 ft bulk$64.00 each

Sleeving Kit

Custom sleeving kit for Spectra line. Includes tool and Dacron sleeving line plus instructions for sleeving Spectra. If not sleeved, the Spectra could cut through itsself.
SKSleeving Kit$0.35 each