Lights & Smokers

Night lights

Electric chemical lightstick, 2.2oz, any lens colorNL[$16.95]$12.95
High intensity version, 4.4oz, any lens colorNLHI[$19.95]$16.95
Strobe lite, clear lens only, 360 degree view, 2.4 oz.NLS[$49.95]$39.95
LED flasher (twinkler), red lens only, 2.2ozNLF[$26.95]$22.95
Red lens, plastic (lens are interchangeable)NLLR$5.95
Green lens, plasticNLLG$5.95
Amber lens, plasticNLLA$5.95
Yellow lens, plasticNLLY$5.95
'AA' lithium battery, doubles operating timeNLAA$3.95
'N' alkaline battery for flasherNLN$0.95


We are the East coast distributor of the "Smoke-riter" smoke tracking device. These are spectacular for demonstrations or just 'to be different'. These are cold burning smokers that can be attatched to both dual line and single line kites. On larger stunt kites, attatch a 'Smoke-riter' to each wing tip and for smaller stunters one can be affixed near the bottom of the center T joint. On static line kites, a cradle can be made or it can be attached to the bridle near the tow point of the kite.

The smokers last for approximately 3 minutes and come with a 1 foot fuse for a 30 second starting burn. The fuse can be cut shorter for an earlier start time.

The smoke emitted is a dense blue-grey neutral smoke. No dye is used. The smoke comes out of 1 side of the device through 4 holes. The weight is 6 ounces. The length is 6 inches, the diameter is about 1-3/8". Our cost is $4.00 each and can only be shipped UPS ground.