Banner Poles

These smooth fibreglass poles are 'sectional', one fitting inside the other. Each pole is lightweight hand wrapped fiberglass coated with hard epoxy paint. Ideal for banners, windsocks, or flags on or near the flying field. When collapsed, the pole measures 60 to 60 inches long with rubber end caps holding the sections inside. When extended, it becomes a pressure-fitted full-lenght pole.
FGP1010 foot2 sectionsOcean CityGreen$12.00
FGP1212 foot3 sectionsOcean CityGreen$16.00
FGP1414 foot3 sectionsOcean CityGreen$19.50
FGP1616 foot4 sectionsOcean CityGreen$26.85
FGP2020 foot5 sectionsOcean CityGreen$35.95
FGP2121 foot5 sectionsPremierBlack$36.95