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Overview about available Kites

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Available Kites
Sky BirdCloud BirdPterosaurWind Machine
Wind JammerAir SnakeFlying FishFish Flag
PlaySailWindbowWind WaspIndian Fighter
The Flying ManKite RoachBuzz BeeDragonfly
Delta RayMoth DeltaBali BannersSky Dart
ArachnikiteRokkakuSky SquidSerpent + Twin Tail Dragon
Square FlyerSandimalsMermanWind Garden

Flying Colors

Kites & 1995 Collection of Kites by George Peters

The Flying Colors collection is the result of eighteen joyful years of designing, making and flying kites. The individually crafted kites are made with attention to fine details, exactness and balance making them some of the finest in the sky. They've been flown all over the world and have received numerous national and international awards.

The best materials are used to construct the kites and flags. All kites are made using tough, yet lightweight rip-stop nylon sailcloth. The designs are formed by piecing together the colors and sial-seaming for extra strength. The frames are constructed using strong and flexible fiberglass rods and tubing, graphite tubing and hardwood dowel. The kites are made very protable by jointed spars that are fitted into sleeves and pockets on the covers. Detailed assembly and flying instructions are included with all kites.

Because of the variety of color combinations used and the individually designed graphics, no two kites are alike. Each is signed, dated and numbered. the use of strong color combinations and bold designs make the kites visible on the longest of lines.

The 1995 collection has a few new flyers as well as some of my all-time favourites. Many of the designs were born years ago in the warm trade winds of Hawaii and perfected over the years. I now live and fly kites along the edge of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Sky Bird

The Sky Bird is, quite simply, a sensational kite and the pride of my collection. With a stunning cover design and a 15' wingspan, it's a majestic flyer. It's an easy flyer for all wind conditions and a great lifter. 8' from head to tail

Sky Bird

Cloud Bird

The Cloud Bird is the first of my designs and remains one of my personal favourites. A show piece in any kite collection, the Cloud Bird is a natural for the sky. It's an impressive kite in the air and suitable for both light and brisk winds. Each kite has a multi-colored unique design with frame spars of fiberglas and hardwood dowels that slide into sleeve pockets for easy portability. 10' wingspan, 5' high.


I've designed this kite based on one of the earth's first flying creatures. In the sky, this flying dinosaur comes to life with a slow soaring flight and a glancing eye as if searching the ground for a dinner. Flying the Pterosaur in light winds allows the flyer to play with the gliding aspect of the kite, making it maneuverable enough to glide close to the ground or climb with pulls on the line. The Pterosaur is a large and unusual kite as well as a real eye grabber.

8'6" high, 16' wingspan and a 10' long tube tail.

Cloud Bird and Pterosaur

Wind Machine

The Wind Machine is a state-of-the-art, dual-line stunt kite. This kite is high performance flying at its best. The fully battened wings and cambered airfoil design gives the kite quick, silent and very responsive action. This highly efficient kite comes straight from airfoil designs on the latest windsurfer sails and hang glider wings. The Wind Machine hovers at a high angle of flight and makes sharp turns on a wingtip. Flown with the optional Skywriter tail, you'll have your hands on some intense fun!

8'16" wingspan, 3' high

Wind Jammer

The Wind Jammer is a classic stunt kite and aone of my earliest designs. It's a great beginner's kite yet has the speed and performance to delight the expert. It's simplicity of design gets it out of the bag and into the air in a second. The framing is hardwood dowel and fiberglass rod.

3' high, 4' wingspan

Wind Machine and Wind Jammer

Air Snake

Air Snakes and Skywriters are for flying from the line, as wind indicators, kite tails or brandished on a telescopic fiberglass pole for a real thrill and workout. Great for stunt kites!

Air Snakes - 9" wide, 28' long

Skywriters - 4" wide, 60" long

Flying Fish

These bright little fish come clipped to a pole and wire line. Waving and twisting the pole makes them swim wonderfully through the air. Detached from their pole and attached to a kite string, they will swim slowly up the line to the kite.

Fish - 12" wide, 32" long

Eel - 10" wide, 6' long

Fish Flag, Eel Banner

Fish Flags and Eel Banners can be flown off a kite line or used as drogue tails for larger kites. Available in many sizes, just tell me how big of a fish you'd like on the end of your line.

Air Snake, Flying Fish, Fish Flag and Eel Banner

Play Sail

Not technically a kite, but a great way to play with the wind. With loops of rope on each side, the sail becomes a two-man, four-line handful of fun. By pulling in the top or bottom lines, the huge billowing sheet eases into the sky. Get the right shape and it will hover overhead like a cloud. The Playsail is strictly for very light winds - you wouldn't want to get carried away!

Four different sizes: small, medium, large, and humongous!

Small - 9' x 14'
Medium - 12' x 21'
Large - 15' x 28'
Extra Large - 18' x 32'


This arch kite is 100 feet of wind-powered fun. The Wind Bow takes to the wind like a living creature with its bending and looping flight. Hold on tight as it powers into the air with a roar of flapping rip-stop. You can also fly it on long lines for a real thrill. This one will take two to fly and when the wind is strong and steady a pull on one end can send your partner into the air. Graphite sparing, 28" high, 100' long.

Play Sail and Windbow

Wind Wasp

The Wind Wasp is a new kite in my collection. It's a giant at 9 feet tall and a 13 foot wing span. It comes alive in the winds with a fluttering flight, buzzing hummer and two waving antennas. The kite can be folded in thirds for ease of assembly or stored in the spar and cover bags.

Indian Fighter

The Indian Fighter is a highly maneuverable flyer capable of controlled flight with careful manipulating of the line. They are fast and responsive in a practiced hand as they dive, spin, swoop and make incredible climbs. 28" wide, 23" high.

Wind Wasp and Indian Fighter

The Flying Man

The Flying Man Series is a group of flying fantasy figures I've designed for sky dancing. Each has long arms, body and legs that float gracefully on a wide range of wind speeds. They are a truly unique kite. The Demon, Bird, Kat, and Mantis Man will be a limited edition series. 7' wide (Bird Man - 8'), 40' long.

Flying Man Series


The KiteRoach is a wiggling, wind bug whose natural habitat is the air. There's a lot of movement in this large kite with it's tube legs and waving antennae. It's just plain fun. It's a new design joining the fleet of insect kites and is a large one measuring 12' across at the antennae and 18' from head to toe. A bit more time to put together but well worth it when it leaps into the air.


Buzz Bee

Based on the Asian bee kites, the Buzz Bee is an active kite and suitable for most wind conditions. A hummer comes with this kite and makes a loud buzzing sound in flight. The kite folds in half at the waist for ease of assembly and for portability. 6'8" wingspan, 3'8" high


A gentle flyer for light to moderate winds, the Dragonfly flutters with a distinct insect-like flight. The special hand-tapered fiberglass wingspars give the kite a floating flight in the very lightest of winds. The Dragonfly is a fairly large kite yet folds down to body size for portability. 7'4" wingspan, 9' long.

Buzz Bee and Dragonfly

Delta Ray

The Delta Ray is an all-wind kite and is simply a great flyer. It will fly and glide in the very lightest of breezes, yet hold steady in the stronger winds. Each is unique with a four or five color design. A wonderful first kite, this delta remains a favourite for a long time. 7" wingspan, 3'6" high.

Moth Delta

This is a unique delta design that soars at a high angle of flight. It is a fairly large kite, yet pulls light on the line. The Moth Delta is also a great light wind flyer and a real beauty in the air. 12' wingspan, 7' high.

Delta Ray and Moth Delta

Bali Banners

Bali Banners are based on the ceremonial pennants of Bali. Their graceful movements describe the wind's playful nature. Use them on the kite field for a splash of color or dress up that backyard party. 30' long, uses 20' telescopic fiberglass pole.

Sky Dart

The Sky Dart is another new design for the big kite enthusiast. I've flown many kites before but this one has magic to it. It climbs like a rocket, floats with a steady grace at a high angle and puts a big kite smile on the face. For it's size the Sky Dart is remarkably responsive and is quite a sight with it's feather-tipped arms and bold graphics.

19' wide, 12' high, 60' Skywriter tail.

Bali Banners and Sky Dart


Talk about bad dreams, here's one for your favourite arachniphobic. The Arachnikite is a big spider. When it is dangling in the air with it's waving and wiggling legs and then drops with a little slack on the line, you'll hear some screams. This one is fun in a crowd. It's big, 13' wide and 9' high.


A cross between the Baden-Powell levitor and the Japanese kite, the Rokkaku has great appeal for both its lifting capability as well as its stable flight. The cover designs on mine are all unique and have bold graphics that show up well in the sky. Quick assembly and portability for a large kite makes the Rokkaku one of my favorites. Two sizes: medium, 5'6" square, and large, 8' square.

Arachnikite and Rokkaku

Sky Squid

The Sky Squid is a new design that swims in the air with a remarkable ease. The long ripling tails stream behind the fiberglass rod and tube-framed head. It's an active flyer, responding to the line with dips and incredible climbs.

8' wide, 4' high, 60' long!

Serpent, Twin Tail Dragon

These are kites that are a joy! They are simple to fly and always a spectacle with their multi-colored tails and gentle swimming flight. Each carries an expressive and colorful face that smiles back at me. Each are individually designed and no two are the same.

Serpent - 26" wide, 30' long

Twin Tail Dragon - 30" wide, 40' long.

Sky Squid, Serpent and Twin Tail Dragon

Square Flyer

The Square Flyer is a simple kite, yet one of the most enjoyable. It's an active flyer and can take a wide range of winds. Without the long ribbon tail, it becomes a maneuverable fighting kite. Each is unique in color and design. 30" wide, 30" high.

Square Flyer


Sandimals are for holding down your kites at the beach. Just feed them sand, attach your spool and enjoy hands-free flying. Use them as gear bags, too. The Lizard and Frog bags are made from strong denier banner nylon and come in a variety of colors. Balancing the weight with the pull of your kite can make these creatures creep along in the sand. Don't let them get away from you, though!

Lizard - 4' long, 2' wide 20-40 lbs. wt. - $70

Frog - 4' long, 3' wide 40-60 lbs. ht. - $95



The MERMAN is another creature for the FLYING MAN series. It has a fish tail and a fantastic fish face. MERMAN - 10' wide, 33' long - Bag size - 48" long, 6" wide - Line - 200lb. - Wind Range - 5-20 mph - Price $1,050


Wind Garden

The Wind Garden is a kinetic sculpture that features wind vanes, spinning propellers and wind hummers. Made from outdoor Denier nylon stretched on fiberglass rod. A perfect addition to a kite field or an airy garden.

4 piece LEAF STREAMS - 12'h, 2'w, $100 each

PROPELLER & HUMMER STEMS 10'h, 22"w - $120 each

Wind Garden

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To order, please clip and fill out the order form inside with the information requested. send, along with your payment to: Flying Colors - 815 Spruce Street Boulder, Colorado 80302. I accept personal checks, money orders or cashiers checks. Sorry, no credit cards.


Because of the nature of handcrafted and individually custom made items, allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery. Correspondance will be made if there are any changes in the delivery time or questions regarding your order.


Most of the kites have a four or five color design. You may request colors or let me choose some for you. Generally, a good color combination has contrasting colors like warm and cool colors or light and dark colors. Some of the kites in this year's catalog feature set color patterns. The Pterosaur comes in black and greys or deep purple and brown. The Kat Man is made with a stunning black and white design. On all the other kites and banners, if you have any color choices or aversions, state them on the order form. The colors are: Yellow, Gold, Orange, Red, Pink, Violet, Razberry, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Electric Blue, Aqua, Purple, Brown, Light and Dark Grey, Black and White.


All of my kites are guaranteed. If you are not satiesfied for any reason, please return the item in good condition for an exchange or refund. Wind or ground damaged kites can be returned for repairs. There is a charge for repairs, depending on the extent of damage.


Some of the items in the catalog can be made in larger or smaller custom sizes. Call or write for a price quote.


Flying line is not included with the kites. For an excellent selection of kite line, spools, handles and other accessories write for the Into the Wind kite catalogue at: 1408 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado, 80302.


Shipping within the U.S. is by UPS, unless requested otherwise. If you have a P.O. Box or rural route number, your phone number is needed to arrange delivery. Include $4 for UPS surface shipping, or $8 for UPS Blue Label Air. On orders totaling $300 or more, add $3 to these rates. For Canada, surface shipping is $6, air is $10 and add $3 for orders over $300.

Foreign Shipping

For overseas shipment, please use the following rates:

NOTE: Items with a bag size listed over 42" in length cannot be shipped to most countries due to mail length restrictions. Length limit for England is 60". Most kites can be shortened with extra joints for overseas shipping. Check the inside specifications chart for bag sizes to see if the item is oversize for mailing. If it is over 42", please add $15 per item for this extra work.